General Rules

[By registering an account, you agree with the following terms]

If a staff member catches someone spamming the General Chat, this person will be muted or maybe even banned, so please use the Shout System to sell, trade, etc.

Your Account(s)
Your account is of your responsability. We are not liable for any losses that you may experience on your characters.

If you share your account with Staff or players, that's your business. Although we tend to frown upon account sharing we will not officially make it against our rules. Again, it is your responsibility and you will be held liable for any losses that occur.

Creating Characters
Please take into consideration the following before creating a character:

- Impersonating or attempting to impersonate any Staff Members (Administrators, Developers and Game Masters) will result in the character being removed regardless of its level and the items on it. (Bannable offense)
To prevent this from coincidentally happening, please check our Staff List before choosing a name.

- The use of derogatory language (racist, obscene, sexual content, profanity) will follow the same protocol as above, the character will be removed without any warnings.

Scamming, KSing & Looting
The AntaresFlyff team will not be held liable for any lost items or penya due to scamming activity. It is your responsibility as the buyer/seller to verify all your transactions before finalization.

This includes (but is not limited to): Party stealing, trades, the selling/buying of accounts and mail fraud.

If somebody is KSing or Looting you, take screenshots of it occurring and report through our Ticket System, although it shouldn't happen due to our Anti Ks/Looting system.

Player Harassment
If you are being harassed, by any player or staff member, please take a screenshot and report the player here (show the picture):

Cursing/Swearing at other players will NOT tolerated.

All cases of harassment are measured and may result in a complete service ban.

Repeated or excessive use of foul language or actions against another player which causes the player grief or prevention from being able to experience normal game play will result in a warning or account suspension.

Use of language found to be racial, religious, rude, sexually explicit, insulting, threatening, defamatory, abusive, hateful, ethnic, or harmful used in any kind of hateful matter, no matter the language will warrant a warning or account suspension.

Staff Tooling/Impersonation

Claiming to know a Staff member in-game and using them as leverage in an argument (e.g. "I know ADMIN and he'll ban you") is Staff Tooling and offenders will be granted a permanent ban. Admins do not ban players without good reasons and definitely will NOT take sides in player-player disputes.

Impersonating a Staff Member will result in a permanent ban. This includes (but is not limited to): pretending to be a Staff Sember, acting in ways that will cause players to misunderstandingly assume you are the Staff Member or pretending to be one of the Staff Member's alternate characters. This also includes Private Messaging players in game claiming to be a "New GM" or anything along those lines.

Respecting Staff Members
Please, do remember that Game Masters give up their time voluntarily to provide a better gaming experience for the whole community.

Disrespecting Staff members will result in a forced disconnection, mute, or ban depending on the seriousness of the offense.

Please respect their authority and do as they say.

If you have a problem with any Staff Members, do not disrespect them, it will just make you look immature and probably get you one of the above mentioned penalties.


The Use of any third party program to modify or affect the normal operation of the AntaresFlyff client will result in the permanent account suspension.

Hackers will be IP banned and completely banned from both forums and in-game immediately by a Staff Member regardless of why they were hacking, meaning they will be denied of any of AntaresFlyff services forever.

The abuse of a bug to benefit or gain unfair advantage that is not expected by theintended normal gameplay will result in a warning or account suspension. Depending on the seriousness of the abuse or exploit, the suspension may become permanent and even an IP ban from AntaresFlyff may be issued.

Item Restoring

The only thing that will ever be restored (in the rare case of a rollback) are Antares Tokens/Items bought with Antares Tokens that are on your own account. Other items lost during a rollback will not be restored (please note, however, that rollbacks should no longer occur due to our Anti-Rollback System).


EXP 250x
DROP 50x
PENYA 500x

Quick Stats

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